• School Nurse


    Welcome everyoneto a new year! We all want our children and students to be healthy, happy and successful. You can help your child be healthy and successful in school by adopting the following family rules.


    Most children need at least 10 hours of sleep. Turn the TV off and encourage your child to read quietly in bed to prepare for the rest they need. It will be easier to get them to school on time the next morning and they will be more attentive in class if they are not sleep deprived.


    Encourage your child to bathe daily, brush their teeth after meals, and wash their hands after using the bathroom. Hand washing is the most effective prevention of illness during the flu season as well as the rest of the year. Your childs attendance will improve if you encourage good hand washing.


    Everyone has heard about the obesity problem in our nation and among our children. Limit or quit buying packages of chips, candy, sodas, etc. and instead encourage your children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks. Encourage your children to help you prepare these snacks ahead of time so they are ready to eat when they are hungry. Children need to drink more water and milk, and less fruit juice and sodas.